Quality 101 Quiz

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Quiz 1: True or False
  • Question 1
    Mass production led to the formation of separate quality departments
  • Question 2
    Fitness for use-means that the production conforms to design specifications
  • Question 3
    The responsibility of production is to ensure that design specifications are met
  • Question 4
    To use SPC, you will need to become an expert in statistics
  • Question 5
    Common causes of variation consist of all the minor variations in a production process that cannot be identified on an individual basis
  • Question 6
    A good approach to quality control is to inspect the final product and to screen out items that do not meet specifications
  • Question 7
    Control charts allow operators to see the progress of their work and to take pride in keeping a process under control
  • Question 8
    SPC has many advantages, however, it does not lower cost or increase productivity
  • Question 9
    Most production processes produce output with no variation in quality characteristics
  • Question 10
    Inspection is a good method to control quality