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What is it?
To best use the full potential of each team member, a manager has to first assess the performance of each team member. Each team member has strengths and weaknesses that, if identified correctly can be the difference struggling to meet deadlines and delivering on-time and under budget. Each one has their own area of expertise. Not only is the team member good at performing certain tasks, but he or she enjoys doing them.
Why is it important?
In order to deliver on team assignments, manager have to understand the teams composition and mental makeup.
When to use it?
Whenever you need to manage teams. This applies equally well to both large and small projects.
How to use it?
1 Begin by asking several key questions of each team member - questions should include background and work experience, task likes and dislikes, tasks that they are successful in, tasks they would like to do in the job at hand.
2 Speak with team members frequently - hold regular meetings on projects - the agenda at these meetings should include cost & schedule adherence, scope of management issues, risk management, quality management, staffing concerns and client-relationship.
3 Evaluate the team performance - provide constructive criticism and accolades as needed. Encourage the team and support it every way you can. Announce team successes - reprimand in private.
4 Schedule team meetings - frequency of team meetings should coincide with project milestones or key deliverable dates.
5 Assess individual performance - fully understand your role in the review, explain your position and listen to others, be objective and flexible when possible.
Food for Thought !
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