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Juran and Gryna defined quality as "fitness for purpose", Crosby defined it as "conformance to requirements". & Deming defined it as "quality is uniformity with respect to a correct target". No matter how it is defined, a high quality product and/or service is not the only determinant of an organization's success. Quality helps ensure the long-term viability of a company. A balanced approach to quality helps cut costs, maintain on-time performance and get more customers. Making the grade doesn't mean obtaining a quality certificate or an award, it is the sum total of all activities within the organization and each individual doing the best he/she can at their level and together as a team (each and every day that they continue to exist).

The Quality Portal is a little guide to information on quality available on the web. We categorized the topics to make it easy to read and explore the web further where warranted. When we grow up, we want this to be the place you start when you think quality.

We appreciate your visiting the site and hope that you will find it useful.

We neither solicit nor gather user information. This site is run by a team of volunteers with over 24 years experience working in manufacturing, quality and product development. Our team will spare no effort to ensure that the information here is correct - however, we could sometimes be wrong or make mistakes (your help in correcting these is appreciated). When you are doing research, please check up on your sources. Check at least a couple of different websites, read books and articles, talk to your teachers and experts in what you are researching. Finally, if you come across a suspected error on this site, please let us know. We appreciate every note, update and comment provided by our visitors.

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