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What is it?
The block diagram is a simple pictorial representation of a system/sub-systems linked to illustrate the relationships between components/subsystems.
Why is it important?
Identification of all elements during the initial stage of a process helps to ensure that the team contains all the people necessary to continue with the task. In many cases detailed drawings and/or hardware are not available and the block diagram serves to visualize the system and identify its interdependencies.
When to use it?
Block Diagrams can be used to:
1. Establish the boundaries of a system under consideration
2. Outline the elements contained within the scope of a task - helps in developing P-diagram, Flow Chart, FMEA and other documents
3. Identify inputs and outputs for components within a system
4. Identify relationships between systems/components
5. Identify redundancies in systems
6. Establish critical paths through systems
How to use it?
1. Construct the initial diagram using pencil and paper then transfer to the computer
2. Space blocks far apart, leave enough space to add more blocks when needed
3. Start at the input to the system and trace the its path
What's on the web?
1. Sample Block Diagram from Marc's Elsmar Cove
2. Block Diagram (PowerPoint Slide)



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