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"What a wealth of information. It's been a joy to peruse your site with lots of data on a multitude of topics. I also enjoy the little quotes from key people of our time. Thanks for creating this window on the business world." - Andy F

"Love the Pareto intro. Have used it for several years in teaching the Mgmt Info Sys overview course. Thanks." - Joe M

"Your site is quite good. Congratulations for putting up such a site. May I suggest that ... (we are working on this) " - Art T

"The PPAP and other quality forms on the site are quite useful. Thank you." - Amanda H

"It's very helpful, thanks!" - Youyou Z

"... Great and clear explanations. Take a bow. Way to go to help quality people." - Supakorn D

"Your website has been an absolute boon to helping me revise for my exams." - Chris E

"I truly find this info, DOE very helpful. I am studying for the Certified Quality Engineer's exam in ..." - Anthony R

"helpful and useful for juniors and encourage further self-learning to get right concept and highly contribute to organization." - Winhtay T

"The definitions and references were very useful." - Daniel B

"Very helpful and easy to find explanation of the Pugh Matrix." - Colm M

"(Cost of Quality) The brief overview provided on your website, was very useful to me, in understanding this topic in a nutshell." - Roopa C

"I teach business decision methods at MBA level and I certainly found your brief on Pareto Analysis extremely useful. Keep it up." - Andrew C

"your info on p-diagram was useful." - Tania P

"Very useful. Thank you for providing this overview. I can now use the P diagram more effectively than before." - Bob H

"Thank you for the concise sumary of DOE. It nailed it. I especially liked the mention of multi-department involvement in determining how to set up a DOE, since it truly is not something that should be handed to one person, "Here you go, now set up a test." If they did that, then they already may have progressed too far with their respective jobs without having a chance to use the information that a well-designed DOE could provide." - Joel Kolbo

"I saw your site and it was very helpful for me in my cost accounting class for this week. I referenced it in class and it was very helpful to others as well. Thank you." - Denise Smith

"At last some easy to understand information on CE marking for a "non" expert..." - Iggy Gyepi-G

"I thought it was helpful. I would like to see an actual example of a DOE." - Rochelle (we now added links to some examples)

"I'm revising for an exam on cost of quality and found this page very helpful ...." - Seb

"I was preparing for exam on TQM when I got somewhat confused as to what are various elements of cost of quality. It was explained very nicely and easy to understand way. Thanks." - Rajnish Bhagat

"Really clear simple description of Pugh Analysis. Just what I needed. Thanks." - Anita

"This overview on DOE was quite informative and useful. It clarifies the purpose for usage of DOE." - Sushant

"The information was very useful. Everything was provided in a nutshell. Keep up the good work!" - Shruti

"Very useful help to learn the meaning of an unknown subject" - Peter de D

"Excellent definition, explanation, and historical perspective on six sigma. Thanks." - Mike Z

"I think this is a brief but very good explanation for CoQ." - Nick M

"Very useful info - just what I needed in the amount of detail I needed. Thank you!" - EK

"This study material is really very good for students and I really appriciate your efforts to help the students. Thanks a lot." - Ritesh V

"I am a fresher to 6 sigma. This article has cleared many doubts." - Puja J S

"The explanation of the P-diagram is very good! Thank you." - Frank N

"I teach T&E classes (including a block on Design of Experiments) ... your one-pager is an excellent overview of DOE." - Wallace T

"Finally found a site that went beyond the mere definition of poka-yoke or trying to have you enroll in a training program. Thank you." - Bill Reinhart

"Your site has a wealth of good information but unfortunately your pop-up ads are too annoying to deal with." - Ed Ristenbatt (we have since upgraded to ad-free hosting)

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