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  • AALA or A2LA
    American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
  • AAR
    Appearance Approval Report
    After Action Review
  • ABC
    Activity Based Costing
  • ABS
    Acrylonitride Butadiene Styrene, Anti-lock Braking System
  • AHP
    Analytical Hierarchy Process
  • AHSS
    Advanced High Strength Steels
  • AIAG
    Automotive Industry Action Group
  • AID
    Automatic Interaction Detection
  • ANOM
    Analysis of Means
    Analysis of Variance
  • AOQ(L)
    Average Outgoing Quality (Limit)
  • APL
    Acceptance Process Level
  • APQP
    Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • APQC
    American Productivity & Quality Council
  • AQL
    Acceptable Quality Level or Average Quality Level
  • AQP
    Advanced Quality Plan
    Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average
  • ARL
    Average Run Length
  • ARMA
    Autoregressive Moving Average
  • ASN
    Advance Shipping Notification
  • ASTM
    American Society for Testing and Materials
  • AVL
    Approved Vendor List
  • BAT
    Best Available Techniques
  • BCR
    Blast Create Refine
  • BHAG
    Big Harry Audacious Goals
  • BIC (AP)
    Best in Class (Action Plans)
  • BIST
    Built-In Self Test
  • BKM
    Best Known Methods
  • BOD
    Bill Of Design
  • BOM
    Bill Of Material
  • BOP
    Bill Of Process
  • BPM
    Business Process Management
  • BPO
    Business Process Outscourcing
  • BPR
    Business Process Reengineering
  • CAB
    Corrective Action Board
    Competitive Analysis Benchmarking
  • CAD
    Computer Aided Design
  • CAE
    Computer Aided Engineering
  • CAF
    Common Assessment Framework
  • CAM
    Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • CAPA
    Corrective And Preventive Action
  • CAPS
    Computer-Assisted Problem Solving
  • CAR
    Corrective Action Report (Request)
  • CART
    Computer-Aided Testing
  • CAT
    Classification & Regression Tree
    Complex Adaptive Thinking
  • CC
    Critical Characteristic
  • CFA
    Component Failure Analysis
  • CFR
    Constant Failure Rate
  • CFT
    Cross Functional Team
    Chi-square Automatic Interaction Detection
  • CIM
    Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • CIP
    Continuous Improvement Program (Process)
  • CLD
    Causal Loop Diagram
  • CLL
    Cycle Line Layout
  • CMI
    Certified Mechanical Inspector
  • CMM
    Capability Maturity Model (SEI)
    Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • CMS
    Coordinate Measuring System
  • COB
    Close Of Business
  • COP
    Conformity of Production
  • COQ
    Cost of Quality or Culture of Quality
  • CoV
    Coefficient of Variance
  • Cp/Cpk
    Capability Ratio/Capability Index
  • CPIM
    Certified in Production and Inventory Management
  • CPIP
    Current Product Improvement Team
  • CPM
    Critical Path Method
  • CQA
    ASQ Certified Quality Auditor
  • CQE
    ASQ Certified Quality Engineer
  • CQI
    Continuous Quality Improvement
  • CQM
    ASQ Certified Quality Manager
  • CQP
    Critical Quality Problem
  • CQT
    ASQ Certified Quality Technician
  • COP
    Customer Ordered Production
  • CRE
    ASQ Certified Reliability Engineer
  • CRT
    Current Reality Tree
  • CSA
    Canadian Standards Association
  • CSF
    Critical Success Factors
  • CSP
    Continuous Sampling Plan
  • CSU
    Consistent Standard Units
  • CTC
    Critical to Cost, Concept to Customer
  • CTD
    Critical to Delivery
  • CTP
    Critical to Process
  • CTQ
    Critical to Quality
  • CTQC
    Critical to Quality Characteristic
  • CTS
    Critical to Satisfaction
    Cumulative Sum
  • CWQC
    Company Wide Quality Control
  • CWQI
    Company Wide Quality Improvement
  • CY
    Calendar Year
    Design Review Based on Failure Mode
  • DCOV
    Define Characterize Optimize Verify (failure mode avoidance process)
  • DCP
    Dimensional Control Plan / Dynamic Control Plan
  • DCT
    Defect Control Tool
  • DD
    Defect Density
  • DDMS
    Defect Data Management System
  • DFA
    Design For Assembly
  • DFC
    Datum Flow Chain
  • DFE
    Design For Excellence
  • DFM(A)
    Design For Manufacturing (and Assembly)
  • DFMC
    Design for Mass Customization
  • DFPE
    Design for Process Excellence
  • DFSS
    Design For Six Sigma
  • DFR
    Design For Reliability
    Design In Function - Design Out Failure
  • DM
    Defect Management
    Design Measure Analyze Design Verify
  • DMAIC (R)
    Define, Measure, Analyze, Implement and Control (Realize)
    Define, Measure, Explore, Develop, Implement
  • DMR
    Discrepant Material Report (SCAR)
  • DNOM
    Deviation from Nominal
  • DOE
    Design Of Experiments
  • DOPU
    Defect Opportunities Per Unit
  • DP
    Dual Phase
  • DPMO
    Defects Per Million Opportunities
  • DPR
    Design Pre-Requisites
  • DPU
    Defects Per Unit
  • DQR
    Durability Quality Reliability
  • DRC
    Design Rule Check
  • DTD
    Dock to Dock
  • DTR
    Dimensional Test Report
  • DVER
    Design rule VERification
  • DVP&R
    Design Verification Plan & Report
  • E3
    Early Equipment Evaluation
  • EAR
    Engineering Action Request
  • EAU
    Estimated Annual Usage
  • ECA
    Engineering Capability Assessment
  • ECN
    Engineering Change Notification
  • ECO
    Engineering Change Order
  • EDA
    Exploratory Data Analysis
  • EFQM
    European Foundation for Quality Management
  • EFR
    Early Failure Rate (also ELF, IMF)
  • EIP
    Equipment Improvement Program
    Equipment Improvement Project
  • ELF
    Early Life Failure (also EFR, IMF)
  • EWMA
    Exponentially Weighted Moving Average
  • EPLS
    Economic Production Lot Size
  • EPM
    Equipment Performance Metrics
  • EQM
    European Quality Award
  • ES
    Engineering Specification
  • ESC
    Early Stage Control
  • ESS (sent in by Chet Haibel)
    Environmental Stress Screening
  • ETQR
    External Total Quality and Reliability
  • EVM
    Earned Value Management
  • EVOP
    Evolutionary Operation
  • EWMA
    Exponentially Weighted Moving Average
  • FA
    Failure Analysis
  • FAA
    Function Attribute Analysis
  • FACR
    Findings, Analysis, Conclusions and Recommendations
  • FAIT
    First Article Inspection and Test
  • FDC
    Fault Detection and Classification
  • FEA
    Finite Element Analysis
    Fix It Right The First Time
  • FLD
    Forming Limit Diagram
  • FMA
    Failure Mode Analysis
  • FMEA
    Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
  • FMEM
    Failure Mode and Effect Management
  • FMS
    Forms Management System
    Facility Management System
  • FORM
    First Order Reliability Method
    Failure Reporting Analysis, Corrective Action System
  • FRT
    Future Reality Tree
  • FSNP
    Forming Storming Norming Performing (in team problem solving efforts)
  • FTA
    Fault Tree Analysis +
  • FTC
    First Time Capability
  • FTT
    First Time Through
  • GLP
    Good Laboratory Practice
  • HALT (sent in by Chet Haibel)
    Highly Accelerated Life Test
  • HASS (sent in by Chet Haibel)
    Highly Accelerated Stress Screening
  • HPEM
    Harr's Point Estimation Method
  • HRA
    Human Reliability Analysis
  • GCA
    Global Customer Audit
  • GD3
    Good Design, Good Discussion and Good Dissection
  • GMP
    Good Manufacturing Practices
  • GR&R
    Gage Reproducibility & Repeatability
  • IAOB
    International Automotive Oversight Bureau
  • IAQG
    International Aerospace Quality Group
  • IATF
    International Automotive Task Force
  • ICIS
    In Control and In Specification
  • IDEA
    Investigate, Design, Execute, Adjust
  • IDOV
    Identify, Design, Optimise, Verify
  • IMF
    Infant Mortality Failure (also EFR, ELF)
  • I/MR
    Individual/Moving Range (chart)
  • INK
    Instituut Nederlandse Kwaliteit (Netherlands)
  • IPE
    Interpret, Plan, Execute (a problem-solving methodology)
  • IPO
    Inputs, Process, Outputs
  • IQ (sent in by Chet Haibel)
    Installation Qualification
  • ISIR
    Initial Sample Inspection Report (now PSW)
  • ISR
    Initial Sample Report (now PSW)
  • ISO-9000
    International Standards Organization - Quality standard for evaluating quality systems
  • ISW
    Initial Sample Warrant (now PSW)
  • JIT
    Just in Time
  • KCC
    Key Control Characteristic
  • KLT
    Key Life Test
  • KPA
    Key Process Area
  • KPC
    Key Process (Product) Characteristic
  • KPI
    Key Process (Product) Indicator
  • KPIV
    Key Process Improvement Variable
  • KQI
    Key Quality Indicator
  • LAR
    Lot Age Report
  • LCA
    LifeCycle Analysis, LifeCycle Assessment
  • LCC
    Life Cycle Cost
  • LCL
    Lower Control Limit
  • LDA
    Linear Discriminant Analysis
    Logistics Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
  • LHS
    Latin Hypercube Simulation
  • LOC
    Level of Concern
  • LOI
    Ladder of Inference
  • LSL
    Lower Specification Limit
    Lean Six Sigma Quality Transformation Toolkit
  • LUTI
    Learn Use Train Inspect
    Multi-variate ANalysis of Variances
  • MAP
    Manufacturing Automation Protocol
  • M&T E
    Measuring & Test Equipment
  • MBM
    Management by Means
    Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
  • MBR
    Management by Results
  • MCS
    Monte Carlo Simulation
  • MCT
    Machine Cycle Time
  • MDO
    Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
  • MDR
    Material Discrepancy Report (SCAR)
  • MDT
    Module Development Team
  • MEOST (sent in by Chet Haibel)
    Multiple Environment Over Stress Test
    Materials Equipment People Environment Methods
    Materials Management Operations Guideline Logistics Evaluation
  • MRP
    Material Requirements Planning
  • MSA
    Measurement System Analysis
  • MSE
    Mean Squared Error ..
  • MSDS
    Material Safety Data Sheet
  • MTBF
    Mean Time Between Failure
  • MTQ
    Motivation Teamwork Quality
  • MTR
    Material Test Report
  • MTTA
    Mean Time To Assist
  • MTTC
    Mean Time To Correct
    Mean Time To Correct and Recover
  • MTTF
    Mean Time To Failure
  • MTTR
    Mean Time To Repair
  • NBR
    Negative Branch Reservations
  • NBT
    Never Been There (problems)
  • NCR
    Non-Conformance Report
  • NFF
    No Fault Found
  • NGT
    Nominal Group Technique
  • NMR
    Non-conformance Material Report
  • OCLP
    Ongoing Process Control Plan
  • OCT
    Operator Cycle Time
  • OEE
    Overall Equipment Effectiveness (availability x performance efficiency x quality yield)
  • OEM
    Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • OFAT
    One Factor At a Time
  • OIC
    Observe, Infiltrate, Collaborate (ways to grasp the situation)
  • OODA
    Observe - Orient - Decide - Act (Capt John Boyd, US Air Force Fighter Pilot, adapting PDCA to dog fights)
  • OPT
    Optimized Production Technology
  • OQ (sent in by Chet Haibel)
    Operational Qualification
  • OVAT
    One Variable At a Time
  • PAPA
    Part and Process Audit
  • PCA
    Principal Component Analysis
  • PCP
    Part Certification Process
  • PCPA
    Process Control Plan Audit
  • PCR
    Principle Component Regression
  • PDCA (E Deming) or PDSA (W Shewhart)
    Plan Do Check (Study) Act
  • PDF
    Probability Density Function
  • PDLA
    Plant Design Layout & Analysis
  • PDP
    Product Development Planning
  • PDPC
    Process Decision Program Chart
  • PDQ
    Proactive Design for Quality
  • PERT
    Program Evaluation and Review Technique
  • PFA
    PFroduct Family Architecture
  • PIST
    Percent of Inspection points Satisfying Tolerance (Ford)
  • PLEX
    PLant EXperiments
  • PM
    Preventive Maintenance
  • PMT
    Program Management Team
  • P/N
    Part Number
  • PO
    Purchase Order
  • POM
    Production & Operations Management
  • PONC
    Price of Non-Conformance
  • PPAP
    Production Parts Approval Process
  • PPC
    Pre-Product Clinic
  • PPPPP (5P)
    Plant Product People Policies Procedures (can be used in a for fishbone)
  • PPPPPPP (7P)
    Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pitifully Poor Performance
  • PPM
    Parts Per Million - a metric used to measure quality - defects per one million parts
  • PQ (sent in by Chet Haibel)
    Performance Qualification
  • PQP
    Purchasing Quality Procedure
  • PRA
    Probabilistic Risk Assessment
  • PRT
    Pre-requisite Tree
  • PSW
    Product Sample Warrant
  • PTR
    Performance Test Report
    Product Technical Requirements
  • PTQ
    Partnering for Total Quality
  • PVP&R
    Process Validation Plan & Report
  • QADF
    Quality Assurance Document File
  • QC
    Quality Control
  • QCD
    Quality Cost Delivery
  • QCIR
    Quality Control Inspection Record
  • QFD
    Quality Function Deployment
  • QFS
    Qualified for Sourcing
  • QITD
    Quality is In The Detail
  • QIS
    Quality Information System
  • QMS
    Quality Management System
  • QOO
    Quality of Operations
  • QOS
    Quality Operating System
  • QP
    Quality Procedure
  • QPR
    Quality Problem Report
  • QS-9000
    Quality System 9000
  • QSA
    Quality System Assessment (or Audit)
  • QSER
    Questioning, Solving, Experimenting, Reflecting
  • QSIT
    Quality System Inspection Technique (US Food & Drug Administration)
  • QSR
    Quality System Requirements
  • QTAT
    Quick TurnAround Time
  • QWL
    Quality of Working Life
  • RAM
    Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability
  • RCA
    Request for Corrective Action
  • RBDO
    Reliability Based Design Optimization
  • RFP
    Request For Proposal
  • RFQ
    Request For Quotation
    Residuals, Interactions, Main, Cube, Y=c+mx (response optimization)
    Root Mean Square Error of Prediction
    Rate of Change of Failure
  • RPEM
    Rosenblueth's Point Estimation Method
  • RPM
    Recurrence Prevention Meeting
  • RPN
    Risk Priority Number (ref: FMEA)
  • RSM
    Response Surface Method
  • RSS
    Root Sum Square
  • RTY
    Rolled Throughput Yield >>
  • R&M
    Reliability & Maintainability
  • SARA
    Scan, Analyze, Respond, Assess
  • SC
    Significant Characteristic
    Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put (to other uses), Eliminate, Reverse ..
  • SCAR
    Supplier Corrective Action Report
  • SCC
    Standards Council of Canada
    Supplier Cost Reduction Effort (Chrysler)
  • SCP
    Systematic Creativity Process
  • SDE
    Supplier Development Engineer
  • SDS
    System Design Specification
  • SDWT
    Self Directed Work Teams
  • SEI
    Software Engineering Institute
  • SEP
    Supplier Escalation Process
  • SET
    Simultaneous Engineering Team
  • SFDC
    Shop Floor Data Collection
  • SIC
    Standard Industrial Classification
    Suppliers-Inputs-Process-Outputs-Customers (process thinking-helps with deriving the process map)
  • SIT
    Structured Inventive Thinking
  • SMART (sent in by Chris Eaton)
    Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time Bound
  • SMED
    Single Minute Exchange of Dies
  • SNN
    Supplier Non-conformance Notice
  • SNR
    Signal to Noise Ratio
  • SOFM
    Self Organizing Feature Map
  • SOP
    Standard Operating Procedure (ex: Control Plan)
  • SORM
    Second Order Reliability Method
  • SOW
    Statement of Work
  • SP
    System Procedure
  • SPC
    Statistical Process Control
  • SPIT
    Single Point in Time
  • SPS
    Statistical Problem Solving
  • SPSM
    Structured Problem Solving Methodologies
  • SQA
    Supplier Quality Assistance
  • SQE
    Supplier Quality Engineering
  • SQTF
    Supplier Quality Task Force
  • SSDD
    Six Sigma for Design and Development
  • SSI
    Sales Satisfaction Index (JD Power)
  • STAC
    Statistical Test Acceptance Criteria
  • STAP
    Short-Term Action Program
  • STCA
    Space and Time Characteristics Analysis
  • STEP
    Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data
  • SWIMTOO (sent in by Chris Eaton)
    Scrap-rework, Waiting, Inventory, Motion, Transportation, Over-processing, Over-production (7 wastes for muda)
  • SWIP
    Single Week Improvement Project
  • SWIPE (from 'Quality Gaging Tips' by G Schuetz/J McCusker)
    Standard Workpiece Instrument Person Environment (for gaging accuracy)
  • T&E
    Tooling & Equipment
  • TBD
    To Be Determined
  • TIPS or TRIZ
    Theory of Inventive Problem Solving
    (Teoriya Resheniya Izobreatatelskikh Zadatch)
  • TIR
    Total Indicator Reading (Total Indicated Runout)
  • TMAP or TMP
    Thought Process Map
  • TOC
    Theory of Constraints
  • TOPS
    Team Oriented Problem Solving
  • TPM
    Total Productive Maintenance
  • TQM
    Total Quality Management
  • TRT
    Transition Tree
  • UCL
    Upper Control Limit
  • USL
    Upper Specification Limit
  • V4L
    Variety, Velocity, Variability, Visibility & Learning
  • VA / VE
    Value Analysis / Value Engineering
  • VDA
    Verband der Automobilindustrie
  • VLQ
    Vehicle Line Quality
  • VOC
    Voice of the Customer
  • VPDQ
    Vehicle Product Data Quality
  • VRT
    Variability Reduction Team
  • VSM
    Value Stream Mapping
  • WFM
    Work Flow Measurement (Management)
  • WI
    Work Instructions
    What's in it for me
  • YTD
    Year To Date
  • 3K
    Kiken (dangerous), Kitanai (dirty), Kitsui (stressful) - general workplace hazards
  • 3M
    Muda (waste), Mura (irregular, inconsistent) and Muri (unreasonable strain)
  • 3P
    Production Preparation Process
  • 3R
    Recording, Recalling, Reconstructing - when generating new ideas
  • 3S
    Stabilize, Synchronize, Standardize - steps in lean product development
  • 4S
    Arrangement, Organization, Cleanliness, Act of cleaning
  • 5M
    Manpower, Machine, Method, Material and Measurement - sources of variation
  • 5P
    Plant, Production, People, Policies, Procedures - sources of variation (for fishbone)
  • 5R
    Responsiveness, Reliability, Rhythm, Responsibility, Relevance
  • 5S
    Seiri (sort), Seiton (straighten), Seiso (shine), Seiketsu (standardize) and Shitsuke (sustain)
  • 5W2H
    Who, What, When, Where, Why & How and How Many (root cause analysis)
  • 7P
    Proper prior planning prevents pitifully poor performance
  • 7 Wastes (Sins)
    Over-production, Transport, Waiting, Inventory, Defects, Over-processing, Unnecessary Movement
  • 8D
    Eight Discipline Problem Solving Method and Report
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