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kiken (dangerous), kitanai (dirty), kitsui (stressful) - Japanese words referring to hazards of the conventional work place

japanese for radical improvement.

Taken from the Japanese words kai and zen where kai means change and zen means good. The popular meaning is continuous improvement of all areas of a company not just quality. (more)

A small sign that is the key control for the just-in-time production. It serves as: instruction for production and conveyance; visual control tool to check for over production and to detect irregular processing speeds; tool to perform kaizen.

affiliated supplier plant

Kano Model
In the late 1970s Dr. Noriaki Kano of Tokyo Rika University further refined the notion of quality derived partially from his study of Herzberg's "Motivator-Hygiene Theory" and re-defined quality along two dimensions in contrast to the linear "good-bad" "ok-not ok" dimension in existence all along. The two dimensions were: 1) the degree to which a product or service performs, & 2) the degree to which the user is satisfied. The correlation of quality on two axes further led to three unique definitions of quality, namely: basic quality, performance quality and excitement quality.

Kansei engineering is a consumer-oriented technology process used to develop products. It uses the consumer’s feelings (kansei) as a guideline in creating the product. In order to do Kansei engineering, one must first determine the Kansei words suitable for the product to be designed. Designers would then create different concepts out of these words. After creating the concepts, these concepts would then be presented to the consumers and rated with the same Kansei words gathered before to determine if the product has matched the Kansei. The rating test contains scales of 1 to 5 with antonym Kansei words on both ends. The process may continue to cycle until the people involved in the development are satisfied with the results.

Kepner Tregoe Analysis
a structured approach to problem solving where the problem is analyzed in terms of what, where, when and the extent. Possible causes are identified. The most probable cause is tested. The true cause is verified.

Key Characteristics
product / process / manufacturing / assembly features or characteristics that are highly constrained or for which minute deviations from specification have a significant impact on product performance, function and form. (PKC - product key characteristics; AKC - assembly key characteristics; MKC - manufacturing key characteristics)

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
KPI refers to the short list of measurable parameters that will indicate how well the business is doing at attaining its goals. In a manufacturing quality scenario, this may be the amount of scrap or rework that gets metered. In a service quality scenario, such as an insurance company, this may be the open inventory of unprocessed claims. In brand management, market share in itself and in comparison with competing brands is sure to be relevant. In logistics, on-time deliveries, empty return loads, or missing items are candidate indicators.

Knowledge Brokering
a systematic approach to seeking external ideas from people in a variety of industries, disciplines, contexts and then of combining the resulting lessons in new ways. (McKinsey Quarterly)

Kruskal-Wallis Test
Non-parametric test equivalent to ANOVA. Samples should have same shape and distribution. If not, then use Moods Median Test.

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